Best Dual Tap Kegerators in 2021 【Top 10 Reviewed】

While a single tap kegerator is great for use at home, a dual tap kegerator will help you cater to guests at a party or satisfy customers at a bar.

In both cases, you’d want to get the best dual tap kegerator to meet your needs. In this guide, we’ll focus on Kegerator reviews to help you find the dual tap kegerator.

We can’t really assign one brand the title of the perfect one ever because your preferences might differ from someone else’s. Thus, a brand that might be awesome for another person might not sit well with your preferences.
When you buy a kegerator, you should consider some things. For example, if you want a countertop keg, you should look for companies that sell it.
Similarly, if you want the best keg for your home, you should opt for brands that make kegerators for domestic use. Additionally, you should also consider the price. Some companies make inexpensive kegerators, while others have slightly pricier products.

After reading these kegerator reviews, you’ll have a better idea about which home keg to get for all your gatherings and cocktail parties.

Best Dual Tap Kegerator in 2021:

Here is a list of top dual tap kegerator.

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Kegco K309SS-124″ Wide Homebrew Single Tap

Why we like it:

  • The dual tap kegerator comes with a dispense kit that has a five-pound tank.
  • Besides being used as a home keg, it can also be kept in bars.
  • It has a spacious interior that can also serve as a fermentation chamber.

  • Has a huge interior
  • Has a digital display
  • Comes with a dual gauge regulator
  • Not the best value for money

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EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Tower

Why we like it:

  • Dual tap kegerator for people who love Edgestart products.
  • The stainless steel door offers durability and protects the kegerator from wear and tear.
  • It comes with four included casters.

  • Has a drip tray
  • The size is sufficient
  • Can be used to cool beer too
  • The temperature regulator isn’t always consistent.

If case you are looking, these are the Best Kegerators.

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Kegco HK38BSU-2 BF MPHK38BSU-2 Keg Dispenser

Why we like it:

  • Since the Kegco kegerator has a front-venting design, you can make it into the cabinetry to get excessive floor space.
  • Additionally, there’s a steel door in the front to keep the inner items secure.
  • On the inside, there’s a steel rail that prevents the mugs and glasses from toppling over or falling off the top.

  • Comes with an empty five-pound CO2 tank
  • Stainless steel faucets or long-term use
  • Keeps the mugs and glasses from falling off
  • The door retains streaks.

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EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator

Why we like it:

  • The kegerator can store two sixth kegs.
  • Also, the temperature lies between the lower 30s and mid-40s.
  • You can move the kegerator pretty easily around the house as it has casters.

  • Easy to move
  • Ample storage
  • Can be used free-standing
  • Does not support oversized kegs or Miller rubberized

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Kegco MDK-309SS-01 Keg Dispenser

Why we like it:

  • The Kegco dispenser has a reversible door with a removable guardrail.
  • The temp range is between 32 degrees to 75 degrees.
  • You can use the kegerator to store three Cornelius ball kegs. Thus, it’s the  amazing dual tap kegerator for larger groups.

  • Is spacious
  • Easy to control
  • Supports both temp units
  • Some parts are cheaply made.

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KUPPET Beer Kegerator

Why we like it:

  • It has a high capacity and can be used in homes or bars.
  • The stylish design makes this kegerator an awesome addition to your home.
  • Since it has four casters at the bottom, it’s very easy to move the kegerator around, especially during parties.

  • Easy to move
  • Has a high performance
  • Has a high capacity
  • Stylish design
  • Additional parts are required to use both taps.

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Commercial Dual Tap Kegerator

Why we like it:

  • It’s the perfect dual tap kegerator for commercial use due to its large capacity.
  • You can use it to dispense two to four different beer flavors or different beverages from each tap.
  • Since it has a 1/6Hp compressor, the temperature stays pretty consistent.

  • Has a reliable performance
  • Large capacity
  • Can be used in bars
  • Quite expensive

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PEAK COLD 2 Door, 4 Tap Commercial Beer Dispenser

Why we like it:

  • This double-tap kegerator is a commercial-grade model, so you can use it for the bar.
  • It has a huge capacity of two half kegs or one half and three slim quarters.
  • It delivers forced air cooling to ensure that the cooling goes to all parts of the kegerator equally.

  • Suitable for professional use
  • Has been certified by the ETL and the NSF
  • Is a commercial-grade kegerator
  • Not the best home keg
  • Is very expensive

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PEAK COLD 3 Door, 4 Tap Commercial Beer Dispenser

Why we like it:

  • It’s a much better alternative to most other kegerators for bars.
  • It’s your best bet if you want to buy keg for your bar.
  • It has a large capacity.

  • Large capacity
  • Uses eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Has been certified
  • Not suitable for home use

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PEAK COLD 2 Door Commercial Beer Dispenser

Why we like it:

  • The dispenser looks pretty impressive due to its solid design and chic color scheme.
  • Since it’s commercial-grade, it has been approved by the right authorities.
  • The eco-friendly refrigerant is a great thing to have in any kegerator, as it keeps the planet safe.

  • Eco-friendly option
  • Is suitable for use in a bar
  • Comes with a five-year warranty on the parts
  • Expensive


Should I Buy a Kegerator? Is It Worth It?

Once you buy the best-rated kegerator, you’ll be wishing you had known about kegerators sooner. They give you a $55 saving over every keg. Isn’t that awesome? Also, you won’t have to go out every time you’re craving a beer.
Another notable thing in this regard is the taste. Once you drink from a kegerator, you’ll realize that the beer tastes much different from a tin can or a bottle. Then, you’ll be grateful for the time you bought a kegerator.

Why Does Beer Taste Better If It’s From a Kegerator?

If you’ve ever heard that draft beer is better-tasting than bottled beer, it’s true. Now, this isn’t a bias people have against bottled beer, but the claim is actually based on scientific principles.
Draft Beer Is Fresh
The first thing to remember is that draft beer is fresh. It hasn’t been sitting in a can or bottle for too long. Thus, it’s fresher, so it tastes better.

No Pasteurization

When beer companies are making their products, they make them undergo a process called pasteurization. In this process, beer is heated to a point where the germs die.
Since bottled beers have to be stored for a long time, this is particularly vital for them. On the contrary, draft beer is in the refrigerator for the most part. Thus, the taste does not change over time.

Lack of Light Exposure

Another reason for draft beer being better is that it is not exposed to light. On the other hand, bottled beer is often indirect light exposure. That’s why you’ll see almost all beer bottles being dark in color. The darker bottles prevent light penetration as light exposure can alter the flavor.

In draft beer, you have control over the taste of the liquid until you serve it. Thus, there’s no worry of light exposure or other factors.

Less Oxidation

Bottled beer undergoes oxidation when it is poured into glasses. In contrast, the draft beer is present in large kegs. Since the kegs have pressurized tops, the beer does not come into contact with air. That’s why there’s little to no oxidization.
Since there’s no oxidation, the beer retains its delicious flavor, allowing you to savor it even after weeks of being in the keg.

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With that, we have come to the end of this review. If you’re a true beer connoisseur, you’ll know that drinking beer from a kegerator is an experience in itself.

In this guide, we’ve discussed many options so that you can pick the amazing dual tap kegerator.


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