What is a Kegerator? [Complete Guide & Tips for Buying]

Kegerator is a machine that helps you in keeping your beer cold as ice.

It is the most instant and quick way to serve your guests. It is designed in different shapes and designs.

It can be used easily as it’s just a tap you have to press and you will get a cold fresh beer out of it. 

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What does a kegerator do?

Kegerator guide:

As nowadays partying is a trend. So kegerators have been designed to make people’s lives easier. You can easily see keg installed in every other home these days. But in case you haven’t installed it yet and want to add it to your house then there’s no need to worry. Here is a detailed guide that will help you decide what keg you should choose for your living space. 

Kegerator sizes/design:

Putting up a kegerator you need a space of almost 2 to 3 square feet. As all of them are of different sizes. A few of them are mentioned below:

Half Barrel Keg:

You must have seen the half-barrel keg at different parties. This is the most wanted in cafes, bars, and restaurants. The dimension is almost 16.12 and the height is about 23.3. It can easily carry a weight of 170 pounds and can be filled with 15.5-gallon beer which is fair enough for the entire event. 

The Quarter Barrel Keg:

This barrel is small in size as it carries 7.75-gallon beer in it which almost weighs 91 pounds. It is specially designed for home-based events. It is also known by the name of pony keg and stubby quarter. 

The Slim Quarter Keg:

This barrel is similar to a stubby quarter as both have the same capacity. The only difference is that their shape is different from each other. It has a sleek slim look having the capacity to carry 7.75 gallons. It has a dual tap system. It is also known by the names of Tall Quarter or The slim. 

The Sixth Barrel Keg:

This barrel can easily contain 5.16 gallons of beer which weighs 58 pounds. It can easily be used or in bars for small gatherings. It doesn’t require plenty of space to be kept, it takes less space. It is also known by the name of sixtel or the log.

The Cornelius Keg:

It is smaller in size and can only contain 5 gallons of beer which weighs 555 pounds. This is specially used to fill beer in beer bottles. It has two taps. 

The Mini Keg:

This mini kegerator is the smallest. It only contains 1.1 gallons of beer. It is specially used for trips, picnics, beach parties, and weekend parties with homies. It is also called bubba keg. 

The European Barrel keg:

This barrel has a capacity of 13.2 gallons which weighs 130 pounds. It is commonly used by Europeans for their grand parties and in bars. It is also known by the name of import keg. 

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How to Set Up a Kegerator? 

Kegerator parts:

Kegerator is made of different materials according to shape and size. It has a tap with a proper kit which is used to pour beer from the keg to the glass. It also has a beer tower which provokes guests to come and enjoy chilled beer. It also has a proper handle and hose system along with a carbon dioxide tank. It also has a regulator that keeps it going throughout the party. 

Kegerator conversion kit:

When you purchase a keg you get a proper kit through which you can easily assemble. You can easily convert your old refrigerator into a keg by using this kit. Before converting it make sure to measure all the things accordingly. Choose a specific corner where you want to put it. Measure the size and area. Choose the aea wisely as it needs to get a proper air and heating system. Cabinets and stove should be way far from it. Later, you can go through the step by step instructions given on the kit. This will make it quite easy for you to convert or to build a unit.  

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How to Clean the Kegerator?

Kegerator cleaning kit:

Cleaning your kegerator on a weekly basis is very important. First of all you need to clean the beer line. It will remove all the residue. Later clear all the hose and compounds step by step. You can easily check from their booklet all the instructions are clearly mentioned on it. Clean everything with a faucet brush. This brush is specially designed to clean kegs. 

What does a kegerator do?

The purpose of the kegerator is to store beer in it and keep it chilled and cold for the guests.

Kegerator sparkling water:

If you are having a keg fridge at home along with a CO2 tank you can easily make sparkling water in it. You can save your money by not spending it on Perrier and having a homemade solution. 

Kegerator system:

It has a tap system in front. It can be either single or dual. It requires a smaller area at home and a larger area at bars and parties. It has a stainless less tower which helps in removing drip tray residues. It keeps your keg system clean. 

Small kegerator:

Small keg contains almost 5 gallons in it. You can easily store your beer for up to 30 days in it. The digital display can easily tell you the outer and inner temperature of a keg. The thermoelectric cooling system keeps the beer chilled for guests. It also has a tap in front which can be handled easily. 

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What are the Kegerator parts?

Kegerator dual tap:

It is served from two taps at the same time. It is made up of stainless steel which is easy to clean. It has a blue digital display system controlling the inner and outside temperature. 

Kegerator dimensions:

It is a standing refrigerator and serves chilled beer at home. Few are single tap and few are double-tap. These are designed accordingly. It has a powerful cooling system and is made of fine quality steel. It converts normal room temperature beer into cooled beer. A CO2 tank is also assembled with the keg to keep it going on. You can also give this keg to your close friends who are beer lovers. 

Kegerators gas:

There is a gas connection from keg to C02 tank which you should take care of. It plays the most important role in the entire system. 

Kegerator glass door: 

Glassdoor gives a unique and classy look to display in any house or at a bar. Its side is made up of stainless steel that helps it from breaking. It can easily hold 2 slim kegs along with the tank. 

Kegerator hose:

You can easily make your own beer line hose with the help of a 100-foot coil. It is specially designed for the oxidation to pass through with flexibility. It cleans up the residue and keeps it safe from other chemails and bacterias. 

Kegerator height:

The height of the barrel is 23 8/8 inches in height and 16 1/8 inches in width or diameter. Almost the weight is around 161 lbs. It can not be shifted easily from one corner to another. You definitely need help and a lot of space for that. 

Kegerator repair:

If there’s something wrong with the machine you can read its guide to check. If you are still facing any issue you can go to their website and can book some experts from there. He will definitely come at your place and will repair it there and then for your ease. 

Kegerator tower cooler: 

Every kegerator has 2 coolers inside which helps in keeping beer cool as ice. It has a 1 year warranty against any defects.

Kegerator tap handles:

Whenever you need some beer you just press the tap handle and fill your glass with chilled beer. It is designed in different unique and innovative designs and also has acrylic on it. It is specially designed in the USA. You can also give a keg to your homie or the person who loves beers. 

Kegerator tubing:

You can easily get a tub as it holds up to 2.7 gallons of your beer. It is 30 inches in height. It can be refilled easily and is detachable. It also adds extra stability to the system and is easy to wash and clean.

Kegerator in the cabinet:

If you love beer then having a home keg is a great deal. They are especially not designed to place it in cabinets. But if you want one in the cabinet they design in according to your desire. They add extra fans and a venting system in front of the unit. It will help the heat to go out and will keep the compressor in fine quality. 

Kegerator ideas:

People grasp the idea of keg from bars. When they go to parties they enjoy chill beer and they want such things at their home. So they purchase kegs and get it installed in their homes for their enjoyment. 

Kegerator installations:

You can easily install keg at home with the help of the booklet given. You can read the guide and follow all the steps accordingly. If you are stuck somewhere you can call their helpline and they will provide you their server who will assist you in the installation process. 

Kegerator prices:

There are different price ranges for every kegerator. If you want a mini keg, its price will be different from the European Barrel keg. So, it all depends upon your choice and demand. Other than that you can estimate the price of beer as well which you are going to put in the keg. You will easily design a budget according to your needs. 

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How to clean the kegerator?

Cleaning the keg is very important as if you don’t clean it you can get super sick. So, here’s a brief description through which you can easily clean it up. 

How to clean kegerator lines without a kit?

If you want to clean a keg and you don’t have a kit then you definitely need to purchase one. As it is impossible to clean a keg with a proper kit and tools. While cleaning the keg make sure you clean both the internal and external parts.

In external cleaning make sure to clean all the products from outside. From door to tap, from the faucet to beer lines. If you miss or clean the outer part it can spread viral and bacterial disease which is not good for your health.

It will also destroy your beer and you will find out the taste of beer sour. While cleaning makes sure that the CO2 tank is off. As it produces gas and while cleaning if gas gets gathered it is also not good for your health.

Turn the regulator off so no tiny water droplets get into it. For external cleaning, you need to take warm water, spray, a clean piece of cloth, a sanitized soap. Make sure soap is unscented as it can leave its smell if it’s scented. Remove all the stains and fingerprints from the display and tap with a cloth and make sure it looks clean like crystal. When you start cleaning from the inside first remove all the components step by step.

From cleaning inside you require a hoe, hand pump, and a bottle. Make sure you remove all the beer from the inside and then start cleaning all the stored ice or remaining droplets of beer. You can add any cleaning solution to it if the residue is not getting out.

Take warm water and wash it properly. You can use a scraper to remove all the remains. Once you are done cleaning with it keep it like this for almost 2 hours. After that, you can add beer to it. 

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How often to clean kegerator lines?

You should clean your keg lines after every 2 weeks or at least when you change your beer in the keg. Make sure to clean your draft lines after every month. It should be clean with acid spray. It will remove all the bacteria and fungus from the lines.

Best kegerator cleaning kit:

There are various brands from which you can purchase a cleaning kit. It contains a pump, spray, tools, and an instruction guide. It has all the products inside which you need for your cleaning and assembling.

Kegerator cleaning solution:

When you order a kit make sure to order its cleaning solution as well. It helps to remove all the yeats and contaminants from the keg. The solution is budget-friendly and is NSF approved. It is a bottle which you can use for up to 7 to 8 months. It is very economical and can be purchased easily. Once you pour the solution make sure its color is green. Because to date, the green color solution is the authentic one. 

Kegerator cleaning kit near me:

You can keep the cleaning kit near the keg installed. So, whenever you need to clean it you have all the tools available. Make sure to keep your keg neat and clean. It helps alot to keep your keg fresh and fine. 

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How to set up a Kegerator?

Setting up a kegerator is very easy. As you have a complete guide having all the instructions mentioned. Follow every step carefully and you are done with the installation. 

Under counter kegerator:

You can easily install it under counter all it depends upon the ventilation system.  

How to install a kegerator under the counter? 

When you assemble the tower make sure there are 2 ways through which you can easily put the pipe one should be on top and the other should be undercounter. Make sure the hotels are done properly before you lock the pipes as opening them///* again will be a difficult task. 

Diy kegerator:

If you want to DIY your kegerator first of all find the specific space and area for it. Later, add all the components and disable your fridge. Remove all the plastic and clean all the beer lines beforehand. Drill a hole in a fridge and make sure pipes easily pass through it. Add the lid and attach the tank with it through which you keep the beer cold. Install the tower and set the temperature accordingly. 

How to set up a kegerator with co2:

You can easily set a tank. First of all, add screws to it and nut it properly. You can nut it with the help of the wrench given in the kit. Add regulators and pipes to it and it is ready to work.  

Kegerator coupler:

Coupler plays an important role in the keg. You can pull it down and lower it towards the diagonal. Through this, you will easily pour w=beer into your glasses from the keg. 

Keg setup:

Keg setup takes a lot of time as it has so many parts to assemble. 

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Kegerator parts:

The parts of kegs are as follow:

  1. Faucet Handle
  2. Faucet
  3. Beer Tower
  4. Guard Rail
  5. Drip Tray
  6. Regulator
  7. CO2 Tube
  8. CO2 Cylinder
  9. CO2 Holder
  10. Keg Coupler
  11. Metal Keg Floor Support
  12. Caster Washer (x2)
  13. Casters (x4)
  14. Neoprene Washer
  15. Snap-On Clamps (x2)
  16. Wire Shelves 
  17. Half Barrel Keg 
  18. Faucet Wrench 

Kegerator Designs:

There are various different designs and shapes of kegs. All the brands have designed according to their interior. Every keg has a watermark on it making itself a unique appliance for customers. 

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Kegerator reviews:

 There are so many people who have liked keg and want it to add it in their homes. Before purchasing any brand keg you must read its reviews so that choosing can be easy for you. As honest reviews mean a lot. Almost 75% of reviews regarding keg are positive. As people have liked this unique idea of having a keg at home. Before people used to chill beers in refrigerators. In the refrigerator, you can add limited beer bottles. So installing a keg at your place can give you great relief. Kegs are designed for a small birthday, pool parties. It can also be used at house warming parties. Larger sizes of kegs are used in greater events and bars as they have a huge number of guests invited.

Custom Kegerator:

Few brands provide the facility of customization to choose keg parts that help you add it with different parts including tank, keg coupler, beer faucet, and more.

What size mini-fridge for kegerators?

At first, choose the keg you want. It all depends upon whether you are choosing a mini-fridge to a keg or a keg to a mini-fridge. Every brand has different sizes available for this. In homebrew, you can easily add 5 gallons of beers. In the sixth barrel, you can add up to 5.23 gallons. In a pony keg/short quarter barrel, you can add almost 7.75 gallons of beer. In a slim quarter you can easily add up to 7.75 gallons of beer. In half-barrel, you can add 15.5 gallons. This one is the largest among all. 

Kegerator kit:

If you need a keg kit and want to save your time and money. You can easily make one for yourself. You can recycle your jockey box kit or your door kit into a keg kit. But if you don’t have anything you can easily purchase from their website or can call on their helpline to place your order. 

kegerator for sale:

There are various kegs available at lesser rates. You can check on their website for sale updates. Sales includes every item you want in different rates. 

cool kegerator ideas:

Having a keg at your home is the best thing. You can easily purchase cool and funky designs for keg. You can innovate and different framing around the keg to make it look classy. 

kegerator cabinet:

If you love beer then having a home keg is a great deal. They are specially not designed to place it in cabinets. But if you want one in the cabinet they design in according to your desire. They add extra fans and a venting system in front of the unit. It will help the heat to go out and will keep the compressor in fine quality. 

home built kegerator:

Home built kegs are a great thing. You enjoy it while you do it. You make it according to your taste. 

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Top Brands of Kegerators

Kegerator keeps your favorite brand’s beer fresh. It is very handy and can make you feel like at a bar by staying at home. Every brand has some different unique and innovative designs for kegs. Few have hand pumps, few have taps. So, if you are looking for a portable keg for outdoor events or for home-based events here are a few best and top sellings kegs for you. 

Edge Star:

Edge star is one of the famous and well-known brands for selling keg. The size of their kegs is 25 x 35 x 20-inches. It keeps the beer chilled and frosty at a temperature of 34 degrees. It doesn’t have rubbers and is of standard size. It contains faucets, couplers, and C02 tanks. It is designed with stainless sleek to give a classy look. The decor and display is super amazing. It is eco friendly and a great choice to purchase. It will add a great look to your dining if you add this keg. 


This brand speaks itself. All the kegs are designed very elegantly and see a luxury item. They contain both indoor and outdoor kegs for all kinds of events. They are versatile in their design and are reliable for grand parties having 100+ guests. This brand makes sure that their customer’s life is filled with luxurious and innovative products. 


Choosing Summit for keg is the best decision you can ever make. It is designed in a different style dealing with various shapes. They are standard in size. People face difficulty in finding out the perfect keg. So, Summit gives you the facility to show them space first where you want to install the keg. After that, they can make you choose from a wide range of their products. They make everything quite easy for their customers so that they can shop again. Their first and foremost priority is to satisfy their customers. 


If you want to spend less on a keg but still make your money with it choose marvel for it and I bet you won’t regret it. They provide all sorts of kegs for larger events to small birthday occasions. Their office timings are quite flexible so they are only one call away. Styling, designing, and interior are a special perk with it. To date, no one has designed all the kegs in such an appropriate way like marvel has. All the hose, pipes, tanks are adjusted and managed so nicely that it gives a great look and seems to be very personable. Every keg is dynamic with a proper cooling system with proper temperature management. 


If you are looking for some great kegerators then you definitely need to choose TRUE. It is one of the most known brands among others. All the appliances and electronics are in great demand. The quality is super amazing. If you are looking for a keg or any other product don’t take the chance to go anywhere else. TRUE products are a great addition to your home. You will surely get the best from it as it is quite affordable as well.


This brand is mostly chosen by the youth as it is portable and can easily be dragged from one place to another. Here beer is all chilled and ready to serve whenever you need it. You can have a chilled beer while watching your favorite football match without even moving an inch. It is available in free-standing applications as well so moving from one place to another can be easier. It also designs outdoor kegs for greater events but most commonly used for indoors. 

Asian Grills:

This brand mainly deals with a keg that is placed in outdoor kitchens. It is made up of stainless steel having fine quality and a great display. The digital display controls the temperature and is quite easy to operate. It has a deep chilled feature on which you tap and you get beer chilled as ice and snow. It can easily be used for a perfect party indeed. 


This brand is specially designed for ice makers or wine refrigerators. This brand is among the top-selling for the past 50 years. It has great innovative designs launched for its customers. By purchasing from U-Line you will surely add a great staple to your home. It contains different sizes and shapes for ice makers or beverage kegs. It will definitely fulfill your needs and you will enjoy your weekend with your friends. 

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What are the different types of kegerators?

There are 4 different kinds of kegs.

  1. Mini kegerators
  2. Full-size home kegerators
  3. Commercial kegerators
  4. Outdoor kegerators

What parts are included with a kegerator?

Kegerator is designed and assembled with various different parts. It includes

  1. A tap
  2. A beer tower
  3. Faucet
  4. Handles
  5. Hoses
  6. Carbon Dioxide Tank
  7. Coupler
  8. Regulator

What size keg will fit in my kegerator?

If you throw small parties at home then you should opt for a mini keg but if you host grand parties then definitely opt for The Sixth Barrel Keg. It all depends upon your choice. Few are unable to deal with the brands which have bulk or monster size keg designed for home parties. Everyone’s demand is to have a standard size keg at their place. You can easily check from the width whether it is suitable or not. It has an overall width of 23 inches in which you can easily accommodate small brands. 

What do I need to tap my keg?

Whenever you purchase a keg first thing you need to do is to tap your keg and check the supply of beer coming out from it. If you want to convert your old fridge into a keg you may need different stuff to recreate it. So, before assembling it, buy a conversion kit to figure out all the components.  

How long does a keg stay fresh?

It all depends upon the type of beer you use. If it’s branded, local, pasteurized, or unpasteurized. Once you pour beer into a keg the time starts from how much time it will keep it fresh. It can stay fresh up to 2 months depending upon the storage as well. CO2 will keep it fresh for up to 6 weeks at least after that you may feel a slight change in taste. You need to store it at a proper temperature so it tastes fresh and chilled. Pasteurized beers can be stored for about 3 months and unpasteurized can last up to 2 months. 

How do I clean my kegerator?

You can easily clean your keg by using its cleaning kit. You can rub all the beer lines with a sponge given. You can mop the tap and the display with a cloth. Clean it occasionally to keep it new. 

Can I use my kegerator outside?

No, there are separate outdoor kegs designed for the outdoors. If you use the indoor keg it will not work properly as its compressor has not that capacity. The home keg can function at home according to the temperature set. For an environment above 85%, you are recommended to use a separate outdoor keg. 

Can I build my own kegerator? 

Yes, you can easily build your own kegerator at home. You can recycle your own fridge into a keg by adding a few parts. You can purchase a convention kit for your ease. Before you transform your fridge make sure you keep it in a spacious area so the tank can be attached easily. Find a unit at your home to keep his entire machine. Make sure not to add in=t in a cabinet as recycled keg will not at all look great in it

How do I troubleshoot my kegerator?

If you are having any issue regarding your keg you can simply all on their helpline from 8 am to 5 pm. All their service providers are available from Monday to Friday to deal with the problems of their customers. 

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